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The local church is one of the 

greatest assets for helping marriages



 marriage is one of the most untapped outreach opportunities of the church.

The opportunity and benefit for churches willing to take even a small step towards helping marriages is huge, leading to a healthier, more vibrant church.

Healthy Marriages + Strong Families = Vibrant Churches

• More invested in the church’s ministries and outreach
• Volunteers increase
• Serve for longer periods of time
• Represent your church well to other members, visitors, and community
• Giving capacity increases for married couples
• Regular churchgoers are 35-50% less likely to divorce than non-attenders (Turvey and Olson, 2006)
• Act as stabilizing role-models to the congregation, small groups, and communities (Barna, 2004)
• Useful resource to help marriages who may be struggling (Christianity Today International, 2006)

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Churches are best situated to become the catalyst for a healthy marriage culture because they can do what the government can never do: They can love. Love and mission allow churches to tap into a network of volunteers and existing staff to run and deliver programs.

J.P. De Gance


• Quarterly Roundtable Luncheons:

Prepare, Enrich, Restore

• Annual Marriage Ministry Training Conference

• Marriage Champion Church Initiative

• Experts/Ministry Gatherings for Networking and Collaboration (women, mens, pastors)

• Event/Marketing Support

We are here to serve and support the unique ways your church is called to serve marriages. This is not a one-size-fits-all , but a one-on-one approach to help you customize a yearlong strategy to serve couples in your church. We will provide all support, encouragement and troubleshooting that is necessary to be successful.