Around the country, marriage is in crisis. Marriage suffers from a crisis of identity, a crisis of hope, and a crisis of trust. Never has it been so important to speak positively about marriage and change the narrative in our culture.


Carl Caton


“Outside of our relationship with God, marriage is the most profound relationship there is.”

– Timothy Keller

Every voice echoing aspirational sentiments for marriage in our city, makes a positive impact. Each counselor, church, volunteer member etc., makes a difference in the movement.

Over the past 10 years in San Antonio, there has been a 26.5% decrease in the divorce rate despite and increase in marriages.



With every 1% drop in the national divorce rate, more than one million kids are positively impacted.

– Les Parrott

We work to connect—to be a constant, consistent presence, reminding people that marriage is worth fighting for.

Through social media messaging, storytelling, and hosting events around the city we can all inspire others toward a generation of healthy marriages and

strong families.

Connect with us to find out more about how you can be a part of the movement!