Advice from the Best, A Look into New Book: Love's Letters

Updated: Mar 29

Imagine yourself in a room full of couples. Happy couples whose expressions and body language depict warmth and affection. Look more closely. Notice the laugh lines, the crinkles at the edge of the eyes, some greying hair…telltale signs these couples are not newlyweds. These long-married husbands and wives have weathered the tests of time. Might they have insights to share that could benefit your marriage? You’ll have to open the book to see.

Love’s Letters: A Collection of Timeless Relationship Advice from Today’s Hottest Marriage Experts delivers as promised. Designed as a 28-day devotional (perfectly planned to match the number of days in the “month of love”), each short chapter offers inspiration for marriage.

Contributor couples — selected not only for the health of their own marriage, but because of their experience advising others —open with a relevant Bible verse. As they share their stories, they unpack common areas of concern and offer best practices to overcome obstacles, often referencing further scripture. Unabashedly Christian, Love’s Letters points the reader to the redeeming love found only in God and the power of the Holy Spirit to restore and reinvigorate relationships. All 28 reinforce the concept that marriage is worth the effort and affirm the benefits of doing the hard work.

Authors touch on communication, connecting, forgiveness, offering grace, friendship, sex life — kicking off with reassurance in the first chapter that troubled couples are not the only ones going through a tough season.

Each entry is addressed to a specific couple “Dear Stressed out Couple, Dear Weary Parents, Dear Couple Who’s Fighting, Dear Anointed Couple, Dear Best Friends…

One of my favorites was, Dear Preparing couple, which suggested a husband gets the wife he prepares for. “When a husband treats his wife forgivingly, lovingly, and tenderly, he will generally receive a more forgiving, loving and tender wife.”

Brief biographies listing authors’ career credentials conclude each chapter. Champion couples included writers, pastors, counselors, members of the business community, volunteers and chaplains of professional sports teams. Social scientists and relationship authors Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn title their chapter, Dear Frontline Couple.

New Year’s resolutions have come and gone, but there’s still time to resolve to commemorate this month of love with something more valuable than chocolate covered strawberries. Instead, learn lessons that will bear lasting fruit in your marriage.

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